I have founded
Shine an Sparkle Grooming, Dressing and Makeup Courses
wherein I train you to take your
beauty quotient to its fullest potential!

While at home

Polish up your outer beauty
Bring out your inner potential

I will show you How!!! 

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Do you know your body shape?
your face shape? how to apply makeup according to your face shape?
I will be delighted to share these skills with you or your kids.

The course is made up of 3 online sessions which will be held on consecutive days, which will be for an hour and 15 mins.

For teenagers its a 4 day course along with etiquette and table manners. 
To enroll please Whatsapp me. I will be happy to share more details with you.




About Me

My name is Chriselle DSilva and I have founded Shine and Sparkle with a vision to empower women to find their true beauty potential with simple tools and to boost their confidence a 100 fold!
I’m constantly fuelled by my passion and mission to help us ladies find ourselves, not only today but always!
I am so happy and proud to report that through our online skillshare workshop, imparting the ‘right’ skin and hair care, dressing advice and makeup steps, I have succeeded in touching the lives of many ladies and teens, which gives me an immense sense of accomplishment, which only boosts me to influence more beautiful ladies!! 
Online Classes

Online Courses that will level-up your skills


Discover a More Beautiful You!

INR 2,000 3 days

Course Details

The course is made up of 3 online sessions which will be held on consecutive days, which will be for 90 mins.

Skincare and haircare. Will spell out routines for both and right products for you. Which products work well with each other. Will also demonstrate an UK cosmetic procedure which guarantees instant glowing skin

Dressing according to your body shape, how to look taller and slimmer. Do's and don'ts! How find your style? How to build a functional wardrobe? Which colours complement you and how to choose your foundation depending on your undertone.

  1. Makeup and contouring according to your features. Which aspects to hide or highlight. I will also train you in application of makeup and will see how you use same techniques.
  2. Applications basic and party.

I will prepare a personal profile for you, where I will determine your body shape and face shape. In which I suggest style of dresses, sleeves, skirts, trousers, jackets, jeans, jumpsuits that will complement your body shape and Contouring, hairstyles, sunglasses, your eyebrow shape, earrings, necklaces according to your face shape. Makeup products and techniques specific to your undertone and facial features.

Course Details

Our daughters are our pride and joy! We have taught them good hygiene, to brush teeth, good habits, how to eat healthy, but what about their skin care, haircare? Only when problems of acne or pigmentation start do we take notice. What about How to Dress? How to use cutlery? Giving them the right tools makes them so much more confident! Helping them to transform into beautiful butterflies!

I train young teenagers to be the best they can be! With Shine and Sparkle online courses.


Teen Courses

Rs. 3,000 3 days

What clients have to say


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It was a wonderful session.. Chriselle shared the profile in detail.. she covered all the essentials of make up and dressing.. one best thing I have already incorporated in my life is.. sitting in the balcony early morning and listening to birds chirping.. it does help to uplift your mood .

Taranpreet K

I enjoyed the three day workshop with Shine and Sparkl. The session on skin and hair care and dressing was informative and enjoyable and helped me discover new ways to love myself and enhance my personality. Chriselle makes the sessions fun with her sunshine personality. I wholeheartedly recommend the workshop for all those seeking a 'New Me'.


This session with Chriselle was 1 of best decision. She caught me to see myself being more beautiful. This session taught so many aspects of hair dressing n make up which I never knew. Thankyou Chriselle for helping me to meet new me

Shrilatashetty S

One of the best things I have done in recent times is Attending these sessions. Chriselle is such a wonderful person in and out. She has amazing knowledge on these things and has lot of patience, grt passion and understand everyone so well. She took extra time to address my issues. Explained me so well. And gave me confidence and encouraged me take care of myself better. Now I know better about my skin and my overall personality. Can't thank you enough for this wonderful experience Chriselle.. As you said we will always stay connected. 🙂

Sunita Godi

It was a real delightful experience in each session at shine n sparkle ❇️ Chriselle is an expert n particular abt small small details . I was so impressed abt her way of making profile for everyone, by doing so she Caters tailor made grooming n make up suggestions for each of her student. She is encouraging n so easy to approach. I found a friend in her.

Ruchi Singh

Hands down one of the best classes I attended about grooming and make up. Chriselle is such a patient and organised trainer. She explains everything so perfectly, step by step, methodically and give suggestions, mentions the products and brands best suited for our skin type individually and not in general for the group. She’s so well prepared and thorough before the class about each one of the us individually (body type, skin tone to name few). I will really recommend each one of you to attend her class at least ones even though you are so well versed with these terms. Thank you Chris😘 Happy training and all the best to you 😊😊

Ruchika Pathania

A superb hands on trainer to learn from ! Having a make up kit isn’t a big deal but knowing to use them rightly for the right occasion is ! The class is also about dressing right , hair style that suits us as per our profile & it was all worth it ! All of us want to sparkle in every occasion and this class thought me so . Thanx a ton sparkle and shine . Wishing you good luck !

Divya Minti

In this difficult times, tried to do something different to get some positivity. So attended grooming and make up sessions and it was one of the best experience I had.Chriselle,the trainer has mastery over it and she explains everything with an ease.We were given questionaire much before the workshop and Chriselle was well prepared and so the recommendations given by her were customized and best suited to my skin type. She has altogether new approach and perspective on self grooming and skincare and this really stands her out from others. Highly recommended. Kudos to you Chriselle 👏 Great work and I am really looking forward for more such workshops in future !

Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality, Value

Tanmaya Narkar

Sparkle and Shine grooming, makeup and Etiquette school is a complete package. All your questions and queries are answered very well. Chriselle's personal attention to each participant is really impressive. A detailed evaluation of individual's profile is done and a variety of options and great suggestions are given. Basic and advanced make-up techniques and practical demonstration of the same is very helpful. I am happy to be a part of this course, Excellent work by Chriselle !! Highly recommended 👍

Amruta Kulkarni

I know this period has been and is still difficult for most of us. However, I utilized some time and took a step towards learning something from a professional, rather than merely watching YOUTUBE Videos or DIY Hacks, and, I am glad I did so. It was great to learn with Chriselle D'Silva and Sparkle and Shine Grooming, Makeup and Etiquette school. Chriselle even customised suggestions for makeup, grooming and dress styles for each of us participants. We had to fill a detailed questionnaire before the workshop began, which in itself was insightful for me. I genuinely gained a greater perspective on a lot of aspects of self-grooming, skincare and haircare routines, clothing essentials, posture and etiquette. Her expertise and knowledge, combined with her patience, passion and eye for details was enriching. All the very best, Chriselle!

Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality, Value

Shalanta Mascarenhas

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