I have founded
Shine and Sparkle Grooming, Dressing and Makeup Courses
wherein I train you to take your beauty quotient to its fullest potential!


While at home

Polish up your outer beauty
Bring out your inner potential

I will show you How!!! 
Do you know your body shape?
your face shape?
how to apply makeup according to your face shape?
I will be delighted to share these skills with you or your kids.

The course is made up of 3 online sessions which will be held on consecutive days, which will be for an hour and 15 mins.

For teenagers its a 4 day course along with etiquette and table manners. 
To enroll please Whatsapp me. I will be happy to share more details with you.
Online Classes

Choose from a variety of courses to suit your schedule.
Short courses, our signature course, or a full fledged course.


All in a day's work

INR 2,000 1 day


Discover a More Beautiful You!

INR 4,000 3 days


Discover a More Confident Teen or Younglady

INR 4,000 4 days


All in a week's work

INR 10,000 7 days

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